Matsumura Alloy Dies Laboratory CoD,kD


Matsumura Alloy Dies Laboratory Co., Ltd was established in 1959 in Higashi-Osaka city today as a manufacturer of Wire Drawing die. Since the establishment we have been manufacturing wide range of commodities with a great support from our users and manufacturing tool of resin extrusion since 1963.Nowadays in response to more diversified needs of users, we are supplying various types of products to our customers to begin with products of small processing of high accuracy that is the forte.Aiming at products which are used by customers at ease we are manufacturing products with the key words gQualityh,Technologyh and gStable Supplyh.

For Electrical Wire, Communication Cable, Optical Fiber, Hose, Tube, etc.

Superhard Metal Guide, Stranded Wire die, Breaker Plate, and other
Components of Peripheral equipments.

Various Resins, All types of General steel, Ceramics and its compound process

Peripheral Equipments for Extruding Die  and Stranded Wire Machine, etc.
The Extruding die
Wire Drawing Die and Compression Die
Correspondence to various materials